Something that might be a little easier could be a phone app based system that uses GPS on the phone to authorise charges at the phone's location. Set up the app at home in conjunction with your bank's web site or something like that. To make a charge you open the app, tell it you are about to swipe at <place> and… » 12/19/13 2:18pm 12/19/13 2:18pm

You really should call a local computer shoppe and see if they can get off lease enterprise laptops, or know where you can get them. You want Dell, Lenovo or HP enterprise level laptops. They will generally have a stable parts list without the flash (stuff like beats audio) and in a lot of cases have features like… » 11/05/13 8:07am 11/05/13 8:07am

I adore the Frixion Clicker. To me this is the all around the ideal pen. The .7 point is a good bold line, the ink makes it write soooo smooth and it's erasable. It's not like the dreadful PaperMate erasables that we had when I was a child that only obscured the previously written mistake because it eroded a hole in… » 10/02/13 2:17am 10/02/13 2:17am

Even if you do not have kids paying property taxes supports the local school district, so you are investing in that. You wouldn't put your 401k money in a fund that loses every year, so don't do it here either. Also, better school district would probably be a predictor of rising real estate value later. » 8/17/13 2:04am 8/17/13 2:04am